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The Icy Turquoise Rose

Updated: Mar 18, 2022

Part XXI | Mermaid Dreams | Bavaria


It was mid-afternoon, sunny and bright skies shone above the pink and peach blossoms of

the Bavarian Flower Garden. Madam Pink Tea [1] was waiting patiently for her guest to arrive. Tala, the Blue Sorceress was due any day now and Madam Pink Tea decided to pass the

afternoon drinking slightly sweetened,

pink Hibiscus tea at the garden's little

table. Victorian ladies dressed in varying

shades of pink stood chatting in groups or

strolled leisurely around the garden with

their parasols, admiring the spring


Tala arrived just as Madame Pink Tea finished her second cup of Hibiscus tea. Madam Pink Tea closed the book she was reading and glanced up to see the Blue Sorceress in the tea room entrance with a suitcase in one hand and a few roses she had picked from the garden's luxuriant blooms in the other.

Victorian Ladies [2]

“Tala! It's so good to see you finally!

We've been expecting you for many

weeks now!” Madam Pink Tea exclaimed

as she jumped up to greet her exhausted


“Let me take those roses from you before the thorns prick your fingers.” Madame Pink Tea headed inside and came back a few minutes later with a flower vase for the roses.

“What beautiful roses Tala! How was the trip? You must tell me about your journey.” Madame Pink Tea was very anxious to hear what had happened on the way to Bavaria, but Tala had just barely arrived!

“I know. Why don't you get some rest first and put your belongings in the small guest room off of the parlor. I'll make us an early supper and bring it in to eat at the little dining table in your room with our other guests.”

Tala dragged her suitcase into the small

room off the parlor and went back outside

to bring in the rest of her luggage from

the coach. When she had settled in,

Madam Pink Tea brought a light supper of

garlic roasted pheasant, herb potatoes

and greens. They each drank a small glass

of white champagne and toasted to new beginnings in Bavaria. After dinner was cleared,

Tala and Madam Pink Tea sat down next to the cockatiel-pillows [3] on the sofa, and began

to discuss all of the most important events of the past few years.

Tala recounted her dream about the Temple of Anubis and the Judgement of Odysseus and Circe. She remembered not locating Merlin the Magician after leaving Italy and heading north toward Bavaria. Madam Pink Tea opened the large, turquoise Mermaids of the Pink Lotus book sitting on the coffee table in front of them to the last page and the two women saw a picture of a small wizard with a staff and a pointy hat in an icy turquoise hall surrounded by rows of carved, stone dragons [4]. Merlin was at the Palace of the Ice Dragons!

The Palace of the Ice Dragons

The Ice Dragon's Palace shone a thousand different glittering shades of blue, turquoise and

silver. The purplish-blue stone dragons shimmered in the eerie, aquamarine light, made of

captured starlight and silver dew. The dark ocean surrounding the palace's exterior reflected

the dancing light at the palace base. Lamps that had been left burning orange and yellow at

the dragon's claws now glowed an icy blue. [5]

“Merlin!” Tala exclaimed. “What is Merlin doing at the Palace of the Ice Dragons?”

Madam Pink Tea shook her head, “I was hoping you would know, Tala. It seems the Magician is up to something, but I don't know exactly what.” Tala took a sip of her champagne and remembered the small, dark cavern where the Blue Lanterns were kept. Perhaps these were what Merlin needed as part of the Judgement, and he might have been looking for a way through the Ice Palace's secret entrances and locked doors.

Mandos Cavern ~ "The Simarillion" by JRR Tolkien

“I think he is looking for the Blue Lanterns

kept by the Black-Robed Fairies.” [7] Tala

closed the last page of the mermaid's

colorful book.

“Maybe he will return with news of the Ice Dragon.” Madam Pink Tea finished her last sip of champagne.

“You're probably right, Tala.” The Madam stood up and yawned. “I don't know why I'm so worried these days. Merlin is surely old enough to look after himself, isn't he?” Tala shrugged her shoulders and put the Mermaids of the Pink Lotus book back in the guest room's bookshelf, next to the rest of the mermaid books.

The Magic Bookshelf



[1] Victorian Harrison Fisher ~ purple lavender digital download

[2] Victorian Edwardian Ladies vintage print on RedBubble

[3] Cockatiel Pillow

[4] Merlin at the Palace of the Ice Dragons by Anja Kostka

[5] The Ice Palace by Jan Patrik Krasny


[6] Ice Wing Palace

[7] Mandos Cavern ~ The Simarillion by J.R.R. Tolkien


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