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The Jade Emperor

Part X | The Cure | The Mayan Kingdom

Tikal and Calakmul ~ The Mayan Snake Kingdom


500AD ~ The Jade Emperor leaves Indonesia looking for volcanoes in Central America. He follows the path of the Black Moon [1] and finds a cult temple near Calakmul, in the northeastern Mayan jungle. He remains there for many years, and is eventually joined by Zahhak who is in search of a cure for his affliction. Their two paths meet in Calakmul, approximately 100 km north of the Mayan Snake Kingdom's center in Tikal, and the Jade Emperor decides to build a dock in Chetumal, Mexico at the mouth of the Rio Hondo where he waits and catches fish.

Unable to find a helpful remedy, Zahhak is at a loss and sends for an Irish sorceress named Aileen. Aileen sets sail for the Mayan Kingdom in order to assist with the poisonous disease that has spread from the Mayan Empire to the Caspian Sea Region - the same disease that afflicts Zahhak. Aileen agrees to set sail on one condition, that she be given control over the Elven Wood in Armenia formerly ruled by Zahhak and his father.

The Irish sorceress arrives with her companions and visits an abandoned tomb in western Guatemala not too far from the volcanoes. They discover the inscription left behind by Abraham when he learned of another king who had been poisoned in the Mayan Kingdom centuries earlier. The Jade Emperor decides to consult with a Jaguar Shaman from Peru.


Behold Earth Mother Gaia,

Lies the poison of the Black Rose,

The deathless mother.

An eclipsed Black Moon

Marks the birth of every new life, but

Beware the deeds of Charlene.



[1] Black Moon (with or without an eclipse)

[2] The Jade Emperor

[3] Quetzal (Aztec)

[4] Plumed/Feathered Serpent or War Serpent ~ “Kukulkan” (Mayan)

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