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The Sinner's Son

Updated: Jan 27, 2022

Part XVIII | Out To Sea | A Sea Ice Dragon


The Sinner's Son

The Aurora Borealis was docked at a port in Tangier, Morocco. Tala had disembarked for dinner and to pick up mail. She had a handful of letters in her satchel, but there was one in particular she was anxious to read. The envelope was postmarked “Elista,” a small town in western Russia, just south of Volgograd. A small, red stamp in the upper corner showed a picture of an old woman carrying a hen.

Tala boarded the ship and turned the corner, heading towards her room, only to be greeted by a young man in brown dress. He looked expectantly at Tala, as if he was waiting to show her something. To his left was an endless line of whiskey barrels, three rows high stamped with the label “The Sinner's Son.” [1]

Tala glanced at the long line of white oak barrels filled with liquor from The Powder River Distillery and asked the young man incredulously, “Are these whiskey barrels yours? There must be enough alcohol here to quench the thirst of the King's entire army!”

The young man replied, “Oh no! These aren't mine. These whiskey barrels belong to the Sinner's Son. Would you like to meet him?” And with that, a large blue Sea Ice Dragon [2] appeared around the corner, its wings spread in a fan shape holding an Ice Blue sword with a Trident at the hilt.

“Greetings," he spoke. "I am the Sinner's Son. We are here to transport our shipment of whiskey, bourbon, scotch and beer to a Bavarian Ball in a few months time. Perhaps you are familiar with the upcoming event?” The giant, Ice Blue Sea Dragon looked at Tala expectantly. Tala stared at the Icy Blue Dragon in stunned silence, still clutching her letters in one hand. “I am on my way to Bavaria as well” Tala replied. “That must be what all the whiskey is for. Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to get back to my room.”

The Ice Dragon grabbed the blue sword and spoke as he turned away, “Just remember, whoever interferes with my shipment will suffer the fate of the Icy Sword.” Tala turned and left the way she came. When she found her room, she closed the door and locked it. Then she pulled out her letter with the red stamp and began to read.


[1] For inspiration see the imperial stout beer called The Sinner's Son ~ SweetWater Brewery in Fort Collins, CO. See "Brews" menu and go to The Woodlands Project beer section.

[2] Ice Dragon Poster_ Ruth Thompson - Dragonblade Seablade _ 22x15in.jpg

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