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The Treasure Room

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

The Treasure Room | Phantom City | White Castle Mystery

Seven Gems Butterfly

Legend has it, the Seven Gems Butterfly (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple) was left behind on Meteor Night for the people of the Earth. One gem for each continent and the people on it:

Carnelian Africa - Clear-to-translucent red brown which may vary from a pale orange

to pink, or from grey to an intense almost black

Pearl Asia - white, black, grey, pink

Lapis Lazuli Europe - deep blue flecked with gold

Gold South America

Agate(s) North America - white, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, brown,

pink, gray and black

Silver Antarctica

Seashell Australia

On Meteor Night at the Phantom City, a giant meteor struck the ground not too far from here. In fact, if you look out the window, you can almost see the spot where it landed. The meteor struck the ground so hard, it disturbed the palace of the Dragon King, Sagara and his wife at the bottom of the sea. The palace of the Dragon King, which was adorned with the seven kinds of treasures, immediately cracked open, all seven kinds of gems and treasures spewing forth from the dragon's palace on the sea floor.

Rainbow-hued bolts of stars and lightning swirled around and around in the night sky, while the town's citizens screamed and ran for their lives. For centuries afterwards, everyone would claim they had been attacked by a horrible band of fearsome dragons that night. The multi-colored streaks of lightning swirled around in the sky until they formed a butterfly pattern high above the Phantom City.

Now, if we look up at the night sky, we can see the butterfly is still there. [i]

Seven Treasures Butterfly

[ii] Swords by Rofeal, and Rittik-Designs

[iii] Ruby's Clasp design by Rittik-Designs

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