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Mermaid Dreams

Part IX | Out To Sea | Palau



Three men in a tub,

And who do you think they be?

The Butcher, the Baker, the Candlestick Maker,

And all of them out to sea. [1]


Mermaids of the Pink Lotus

The mermaids picked up the Pink Pearl where the Queen Conch had left it, a short distance from the opening, at the end of a narrow footpath, and exactly in the middle of the sea. The Pink Pearl was a large pearl, about the size and shape of a bowling ball, but everyone thought it was much smaller. What kind of oyster would produce giant, bowling-ball sized pink pearl? Calypso couldn't think of any oysters big enough, so she reached down into the aquamarine waters, grabbed the Pink Pearl with both hands and heaved it sideways into their boat. The Pearl landed with a splash and lay still in the bottom of the rowboat. Cassidy tried to cover it with her skirts and offered a quick prayer to Poseidon for safe passage. Amare started to row slowly out to sea on the Butterfly Pea Ship as the currents began shifting with the afternoon winds.

Palau | The Pink Coral Sea | The Tempest

After a few months at sea, the mermaids and Amare ran into foul weather near Palau. Their ship capsized and the mermaids were stranded on a rock island with nothing for passage but their Mermaid Coins. For many days and nights, Cassidy and Charlotte sat and watched stormy seas as the pirate ships fought each other amidst churning waves and dark skies.

After the tempest subsided, Charlotte offered a Pirate Ship Captain a small, black pearl and a Queen Conch shell they found in the Mermaid Grotto before they left the Temple of Anubis.



The Pirate Captain took the Black Pearl and left the lovely, blonde mermaid stranded on a giant Oyster Shell with a string of pearls, her Conch Shell and a Ruby gem.


Finally, the Pirate Captain pointed the ship's compass toward the Beach Palm Islands in search of Calypso's rowboat and her companions and set sail due East.


[1] Rub-a-dub-dub

[2] Centuria Seashorse Wall Art _ Bed Bath & Beyond

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