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The Yellow Serpent

Khepri's Hideout | Part I

Khepri ~ Indonesia

Milo and Reya had scrambled all the way up the cliff to Khepri's old hideout spot near the cave where they bound the Fenrir wolf all those years ago. Rumor had it, there were still pieces of Fenrir's yellow rope buried in the dirt somewhere not too far from here. Khepri was nowhere to be found, but fortunately, he left a few pieces of information they could use as clues to help Khepri find the Yellow Serpent.

According to legend, centuries ago near an Indonesian volcano, an Icelandic Princess mistook a yellow serpent for a source of poison. She even brought the snake back as a gift for an emperor, but lied about its origins. The Princess told everyone the yellow serpent was a bright yellow venomous pit viper from the South American rainforest, but nothing could have been further from the truth. The snake she found was a harmless Green Tree Python as a juvenile, meaning it was yellow and not green, because the snakes turn green as adults.

Khepri had left scattered a few peacock feathers on the dirt floor of his lookout cave, and a few more orange feathers of unknown origin. The orange feathers led to a lamp sitting on a pillow in the corner. Milo eyed the yellow serpent on the dirt by his feet, its tail wrapped around an old, yellowed scroll.

“What mischief could this harmless snake have caused anyone?” Milo was skeptical.

Reya pointed at the vases next to the cave wall with her sword, “What do you think is in those vases?

Milo glanced at the blue vases brightly decorated with African dancers, waterfalls and palm trees and shrugged his shoulders.

“Maybe there is a note here somewhere Khepri left for us. Let's check the scrolls and find out.” Milo reached down, picked up the Orange Scroll and began to read:

Dear Milo,

We are currently in Jakarta and waiting to set sail over the next few days. I put the lamp in the corner for safekeeping, and hopefully it will find its way to its rightful owner. During this time, we will be within the domain of the Orange Dragon, so please exercise caution at all times. We are awaiting construction of a new library, so perhaps this will be ready upon my return. Oh, and by the way, don't worry about the yellow serpent. It's a perfectly harmless tree python.

Yours Truly, Khepri


The name Milo is primarily a male name of English origin that means Soldier.

The name Reya is primarily a female name of Spanish origin that means Queen.

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